With 25 years of industry experience, we are a trusted service providers for installation of electrostatic oil filtration systems and providing oil filtration solutions. We provide on site oil filtration services in order to maintain the oil in a clean and dry condition.

We represent FERROCARE MACHINES PVT. LTD for their range of filtration products -

ELECTROSTATIC LIQUID CLEANERS are used in removing contamination from hydraulic and various lubricating oil
LOW VACCUUM DEHYDRATORS are used to remove moisture content from oils.
MAGNETIC SEPARATORS with special rare earth magnets are used effectively in separating material having both strong and weak magnetic properties in neat cutting oils as well as water based coolants.
ONLINE PARTICLE COUNTERS used to instantly spot contamination changes in oils and thereby avoiding system damage
We also represent AUTOWIN SYSTEMS PVT. LTD for their range of centrifuges which find applications in various industries.

We provide both machinery and manpower to take up filtration activities at customers sites without disturbing their production. During execution of a particular job, we submit reports for the filtration carried out for each hydraulic power pack. The reports will reflect about the extent of contamination of the oil, tested in the presence of customer Representative. Filtration may have to be carried out depending upon oil quality, and further criticality of the system.

The oil management programme followed by us, covers the maintenance aspects of the quality of oil and its level of deterioration . We focus upon the following key areas that need attention and make improvements in each of these areas.

Square Contamination level of oil in hydraulic power packs .
Square Monitor oil level and the leakage.
Square Temperature of oil in the reservoir.
Square Filtration of hydraulic and lubricating oils
Square Recycling of used oil
Presently we provide all the above services for our customers in and around Chennai.